Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Film Poster for Ramona and Beezus

This film poster was just released on JJJ for Joey and Selena's upcoming flick, Ramona and Beezus! What do you think? I love the handprints, it's so cute!! Plus Joey King is an adorable child

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tiffany Giardina Debuts New Songs

TIff just debuted two new songs at pal Zach Sang’s new teen radio show, Zach Sang and the Student Body on Goom Radio over the weekend! She''l be debuting even more music at this weekend's Pop-Con.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Miley Voted Worst Celeb Influence of the Year

Miley Cyrus took 42 percent of votes in the poll for AOL’s (Just So You Know) website aimed at 9-15 year-olds, pushing Britney Spears and rapper Kanye West into second and third places, respectively, in a section on worst celebrity influences of the year. It probs had something to do with her Asian-eyes, her 20-something live in boyfriend, her sudden "wear all my cleavage out cuz I can" phase, oh, and let's not forget her pole dance. Geez, Milers.

LC's Seventeen Issue

Ever wondered how LC got through the mess of Reality TV? Here's how:

"You set out to do a show based on your life, and you end up living a life based on your show. Everything you do has to be cleared — where you work, people who come to your birthday, people you date, what clothes you wear. I had to get the paint color for my apartment approved by the director of photography. It was things like that that I don’t miss.”

LC has decided to take up writing once more with her LA Candy sequel!

“Jane is the main character and most like me. But also when I was more sarcastic and against [being on] the The Hills, I was able to illustrate that through Scarlett, her best friend. So they almost became the two sides of me, because there were times I absolutely hated the show and there were times I loved it.”

LC proves that she's not a spoiled-reality-tv-babe:

“At 18 I was cut off financially! Seventeen was a happy time for me, but 18 was hard. People think that I’ve had it easy, but I haven’t had it as easy as you think. When I went off to college, I wasn’t going to class in Louis Vuitton. There were definitely times when my bank account was zero. I was financially independent, but I wasn’t exactly living a lavish life. My dad was really adamant about that. He’d say ‘You’re going to go to college and live it like everyone else, because if you want to make your own decisions, you need to support yourself too.’”

Support LC and buy her Seventeen mag in stores this month!!

Kelly Clarkson Hops Onto the Tay-Bashing

So we all know how Taylor Swift screwed up at the Grammy's. Wow... she needs a visit from Dr. T-Pain, seriously! Kels Clarkson hopped onto the T-Swift debate with this reply to an defensive letter written about Tay's performance~ that attacked American Idol and basically called it crappy.

Wow …..Dear Scott Borchetta,

I understand defending your artist obviously because I have done the same in the past for artists I like, including Taylor, so you might see why its upsetting to read you attacking American Idol for producing simply vocalists that hit ‘the high notes’. Thank you for that ‘Captain Obvious’ sense of humor because you know what, we not only hit the high notes, you forgot to mention we generally hit the ‘right’ notes as well. Every artist has a bad performance or two and that is understandable, but throwing blame will not make the situation at hand any better. I have been criticized left and right for having shaky performances before (and they were shaky) and what my manager or label executives say to me and the public is “I’ll kick butt next time” or “every performance isn’t going to be perfect” ……I bring this up because you should take a lesson from these people and instead of lashing out at other artists (that in your ‘humble’ opinion lack true artistry), you should simply take a breath and realize that sometimes things won’t go according to plan or work out and that’s okay.


One of those contestants from American Idol who only made it because of her high notes

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Drew Seeley's Got A New CD!! (Soon.)

Another Cinderella Story hottie Drew Seeley has made us proud on Broadway as Prince Eric and is now doing it again with a new debut album!! His CD is still in the works of production and all that, but he tweeted the name: The Resolution. What do you think of the songs?


Monday, February 1, 2010

The True Meaning of Ke$ha's "Blah Blah Blah"

Many people have frowned upon the VERY PROVACATIVE lyrics of Ke$ha's Blah Blah Blah, but she explains the legit reason behind the meaning.

"I kind of take how guys talk to women all over this industry and throw it back at them. And they're all getting their panties in a wad, and I think that's hilarious. I'm literally just talking to a man the way any rapper talks about women in every rap song on the radio."

Hmm. I get it, but still racy, though. Check out pics here.

PLUS!!~ Just Jared caught up with Justin recently and got a hold of a Grammy swag bag. They combined the two, and got a signed Grammy's gift package!! FOR YOU!! Inside is clothing and accessories from Forever 21, Fierce Jewelry, Deuce Brand, Junk Food, Sledge USA, What Goes Around Comes Around, Ed Hardy, C&C California. I'd enter if I were you.

Click here to find out the rules.

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